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Editorial | Lifestyle change not pills

There is a growing number of people who are overweight or considered obese in the country according to recent reports of the World Health Organization. It will not be surprising if this rate will double in the next decade if we observe the lifestyle of young kids and young adults. Modern technology which is supposed to make our lives easier so we can enjoy other things that would make our lives fuller and richer, has also served to turn some of us into a sloth. Gadgets rule the day while going out with friends to run and play are fast becoming passé.

This generation is always on the run, though. Fast food and quick fixes are the norm, and physical activity has been pared to the very minimum. Those who want to trim down due to aesthetic or health reasons usually just choose from a vast array of diet pills available online or in the networking companies peddling diet pills or meals. Some even sell their product as ‘physical exercise’ in a bottle. The sad thing is that many believe popping pills is the solution to weight management especially with the glowing testimonies from celebrities or even ordinary people inundating the media.

A nutritionist-dietician of a local hospital has recently warned against the use of slimming pills instead of lifestyle modification which is the answer to proper weight management. Although we believe going on a diet is a personal choice, it has to be done the right way. Nutritionist Susan Buenavista, in an interview with reporters, said that it is important that people who want to lose weight must consult a doctor first and for them to rigorously check the labels of the supplements if they conform to standards. Otherwise, these may only serve to endanger one’s health.

The Nutritionist-Dietitian of Association of the Philippines (NDAP) has warned against diet supplements that are not supported by clinical trials and endorsements from legitimate organizations in Asia, Europe, and America as it may cause adverse health complications. It is still what we prepare on our table and how active we chose to be that matters the most. It is also more sustainable than buying expensive slimming pills and meals.

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