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Cultural Potpourri | Marco Polo Davao’s Drenching Pool Party

This story appeared on Page 13 of the September 03, 2019 issue of Mindanao Times. To download a copy, visit www.bit.ly/MindanaoTimes

Marco Polo Davao celebrated the finale of the Kadayawan Festival of the City with a truly drenching Pool Party at The Deck last August 31. Having promised to attend the event, the inclement weather didn’t deter me from honoring my word. I went straight from my gym workout, the better to prepare myself in the spirit of “bawas-dagdag,” to go to the hotel. I did not have enough time to go home to change into my prepared Aloha shirt and denim short pants.

Pearl Peralta-Maclang, Sarah Dayrit and guests

Surely, the heavy rainfall made the heavy traffic along Bajada even more unbearable. Oh yes, Torres Street was starting to get flooded by then. So many friends were sending messages about the horrible traffic condition of Davao, the malfunctioning traffic lights, and the absence of traffic officers where they’re needed most. What could one do except to pray that one reaches the destination safely.

Chef Alex Destriza with his culinary team

“This significant event would be Marco Polo Davao’s statement that Davao would remain resilient and cheerful despite any weather and challenges it would face. We continue to be the trendsetter in the Davao region by strengthening the local experience of our guests through events such as this,” calmly stated Marco Polo Davao’s ever cool General Manager Colin Healy who looked comfortable in a cotton checkered polo shirt matched with white short pants. It was the first time I saw the good gentleman out of his usual coat and tie outfit.

Cheers from Menchie Mizuno, Michael E. Dakudao, Janet and Sydney Tancontian

Oh my, the surprise of the evening was Marco Polo Davao’s Marketing and Communications Director Pearl Peralta-Maclang looking so hot in an all white outfit of lace material revealing a tiny bikini underneath it. Ms. Curva, as I affectionately refer to her, was in the company of equally hot ladies from Japan who were either vacationing or doing business in Davao. Making the evening hotter, gorgeous hunks from the American Embassy in Manila made their grand entrance catching especially the sakura mamas’ attention. Women and some drooled when the American guys took off their shirts revealing their well-sculpted bodies, and dashed to the pool for a swim. Well, not to be outdone, the Marco Polo Davao boys joined in the fun only to expose their potbellied bodies. What a contrast, indeed!

Oh yes, several of our exotic ladies with Caucasian men for dates joined forces with the sakura mamas and danced along with the hotel associates and department heads to the summer beat of Sikat Entertainment’s DJ Travis Monsod from Manila and Davao’s DJ Wacky Masbad who looks thin these days. By the time the rain stopped, Hula-Hula and Fire Dancers were entertaining the highly energized and more or less intoxicated guests.

Featured during the Pool Party were various Mindanaoan dishes and cocktails prepared by Marco Polo Davao’s culinary team led by Executive Chef Alex Destriza (who didn’t wear his pool party outfit to the dismay of some ladies) and RBE Manager Rene Gargallo who was brave enough to appear in the required Pool Party outfit. The happy event was ably supported by the food and beverage industry suppliers namely Johnny Walker, Belvedere Vodka, Gimem Wines, Global Noble International, Smirnoff Mule, Heineken and Summit.

What a fun night it was despite the strong rains. The night ended the way Davaoenos expected it would be—FUN! Thank you, Marco Polo Davao!

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