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Honoring my Mother | Without missing a beat

If ever you find yourself in the middle of an argument, discussion or debate that just goes around in circles, with points already taken up being raised again for fodder, and it is beginning to feel like everyone is speaking in tongues with no translators in sight, it is then better to stop and leave. There’s no sense in wasting time and continuing.

Use the Kevin Durant tactic. The famous baller guy became quite a bit of a punching bag during last NBA season’s conference, when a lot of criticisms were hurled his way and no amount of him explaining could assuage his critics and detractors. In exasperation, he simply walked away from the table and refused to participate in the shaming. No fuss, it’s cutting cleanly.

That’s the KD formula, in the vernacular, it might as well be KD for Kapoy og Dibati. It is not the same tactic as “live to fight another day” either, because that one hints at recharging, with the intention of facing-off again tomorrow. KD is more definitive, and it simply means, the hell with it, good riddance, I’m out of here.

Once in a while, we may have witnessed word wars ensuing among neighbors. These heated arguments, that have a great probability of graduating into unfriending and fisticuffs, often seem to merely hinge on just who has to have the last word.

As such, because nobody wants to lose (ayaw patalo), their yakitiyak just rambles on and on, and pretty soon, saliva’s slowly turning to lava. Be the peacemaker, try suggesting KD.

It may not achieve world peace, but it’s slightly an inch in that direction. Walking away from what we perceive as useless squabbling may seem like a passive or defeatist attitude for some people, but let’s face it, in the real world of the streets, the term “at a loss for words” could also have another more sinister connotation: swinging at each other because all avenues for talk have already been exhausted.

To ask oneself, is it worth it or what to gain out it, can reveal what’s under the hood of some disagreements. While others are worth pursuing till fruition, many are actually just insignificant blips in your radar. So before the compass points southward, especially in the precious one-on-ones of personal lives, at least consider walking out as a healthier option to the usual gung-ho and macho-istic stance of fighting fire with fire.

Not only are constant bickerings painful to our ears, they’re actually flawed formulas that are remnants of yesterday, as passè as our local teleserye shouting matches.

There used to be a song that went, Just walk away, Renee… I think that hits closer to what I’m driving at…

Go Kaydee!

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