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Señor Moments | Plastic issue

Banning single-use plastic is trending locally and nationally. But let’s not forget that PLASTIC — single or multi-use — does NOT “drop from the heavens” by itself! It is THROWN AWAY by US to clog canals and esteros and eventually the surrounding seas.

Therefore, we must have our government strictly ENFORCE our existing laws on littering and punishing litterers with heavy fines, community service time, and even JAIL time.

We need to find ALTERNATIVES to plastic products: bamboo straws, forks, spoons, knives, bamboo flooring in-place of linoleum; ALMACIGA – reinforced shopping bags.

We need to RECYCLE or REPURPOSE plastic: USED plastic made into chairs, desks, tables; boats; building materials.

Plastic is here to stay. We just need to INTELLIGENTLY deal with it.



Life is here
and water is life
so if we waste it
we waste life.
Our life.

We’re very fortunate that our drinking water — from the tap (galing sa gripo) — is world-class. For this water comes from underground aquifers, naturally filtered and protected by forest watersheds.
Drinking water is NOT limitless — or as Miriam D.S. once wrote only “STUPID is forever.” Yet DCWD allows this drinking water for construction companies to MIX cement with, malls to use it for WATERING plants, laundromats & car washers to use it to wash clothes and cars.


The Kadayawan organizers can AVOID issues (like the LOGO graphics and the BAHAG @ indak-indak) if they just CONSULT with councilor Pilar Braga’s arts and culture council. That is what this council is for.

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