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Rough Cuts | Davao’s share from the ‘Build, build, build’

Our thanks to the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) for collecting the household garbage in our subdivision at Pag-ibig Homes in Catalunan Grande yesterday. For the last few weeks the collection by CENRO-contracted trucks was very erratic. In fact there was no garbage collection last week. Supposedly the truck would have hauled the refuse the other Tuesday. It did not. So the residents were hoping the garbage truck would come last Friday. Again, it did not. So the garbage from the subdivision households that were placed inside bags and other containers piled up along the roads.

What made things worse was that last Saturday night rains fell like crazy flooding the subdivision roads and washing away some refuse bags piling up on the side. Then, the day after when the weather was okay, stray cats were on the loose competing to scratch open the garbage bag after sniffing the smell of food inside.

In other words, some of the subdivision’s household refuse were in total mess that residents had to fix them again to ensure that everything will be collected by the CENRO men.
Anyhow, the residents of the subdivision are happy that at least, despite the erratic schedule of collection, the CENRO truck still came preventing the garbage from stinking.
Again, thank you CENRO.


We did not know until last Monday that there was another incident that in a great way dampened the frenzy of the celebration of Kadayawan Festival. And it happened during the supposed penultimate night of the festival – Saturday, August 17.

Based on television news accounts complete with footages, the different areas of the city where several events were held and droves of people were in attendance or expected to witness, were actually submerged in knee-deep water. The entire length of Roxas Blvd. where food stool operators were anticipating avalanche of customers during that Saturday night, were given the biggest frustration in their lives.

The rains were extremely hard coupled with strong winds that blew the roofs of food tents and drove ambulant peddlers seeking for shelter. Hence, the Roxas food-drinks attraction last Saturday was almost non-existent.

On the other hand, many local and foreign tourists who came to witness Davao City by night during such happy celebration as Kadayawan ended up missing their expectation. The bad weather that Saturday night was just too much for them to contend with.

Good thing the different activities during day time gave them substantial enjoyment that perhaps was worth the money they spent in coming to the city for the Kadayawan feast.

They might have gone home with the thought that they still have a lot more to come back for next year’s celebration.


Aside from the multi-billion peso coastal highway that the national government is constructing in Davao City there are also other major road projects that are cutting across the city’s rural communities.

We have the by-pass road that will traverse the Bunawan-Cabantian-Tigatto-Matina Pangi-Catalunan Grande-Catalunan Pequeno down south to Toril. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is also working on the concreting of another road connecting the third and second district of the city using the route from Calinan to Barangay Pangan, to Lampianao, then to Callawa. This same road could connect to San Roque, Panabo City.

Still another diversion highway is the one from Lacson in Calinan passing through Lamanan, Megcauayan, Malabog down to either Lasang in Davao City’s second district or direct to Panabo City in Davao del Norte.
We also learned that the barangay road from Talandang in Tugbok district going to Bonggan is also expanded and concreted and more than halfway completed. And there are talks that a bridge will be constructed to connect Bonggan to Mandug.

All these infrastructure projects in Davao City, we assume, are part of the Duterte adminbistration’s “Build, build, build” program.

We are hoping that all these will be completed by the end of the incumbent President’s term. Otherwise the remaining uncompleted infrastructures will end up Duterte’s “white elephants” because in all likelihood, the new administration will have its own priorities.

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