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Posts published in “Day: August 17, 2019”

Fire hits 150 houses in Isla Verde

A fire destroyed 150 houses in Isla Verde, an urban poor community in the coastal barangay of Barangay 23-C, Poblacion District, Friday noon. Reports from…

Random Thoughts | On capital punishment

“Clergy leads fight vs death penalty. Bishops say that the Philippines is “retrogressing’ there is’ no real and concrete evidence that capital punishhet deters crime’…

Nunot | Mga leksiyon alang sa Papua New Guinea

Sayo sa buntag niadtong milabay nga Huwebes, Agosto 15, 2019 halos mga alas 7:00 na ako nakamata. Ang akong Misis human na makapanglimpiyo sa balay.…

Editorial | Nurturing unity

This weekend is the culmination of the Kadayawan Festival, although organizers have ensured that the festivities run through the end of the month. The festival,…

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