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Consumer advocate: Time for Davao City to ban single-use plastics

A former consumer group advocate raised alarm over the seemingly lack of effort to solve the problem of plastics in the city.

Wenifredo Gorrez, former executive director of Konsumo Dabaw, asked Councilor Pilar Braga to submit a legislative measure to address the issue.

In his letter, he said, the “landfill in Tugbok is already filled way beyond its capacity.” He also noted the city canals keep on clogging from garbage and seashores are now covered with plastic wastes.

“This is one problem that needs imperative action,” he said.

Gorrez called on the City Council to pass an ordinance banning single-use plastics.

“There are now 16 countries and cities around the world which had banned single use plastics. This include Canada and New Zealand. New York City will be implementing soon,” he said.

Gorrez also cited the efforts of Siargao in trying to ban the use of single-use plastics.

However, he also recognized that it would take time for Davao City to adopt the policy. As a short-term solution, he said, lawmakers should pass an ordinance requiring all public schools in the city to purchase tables and chairs manufactured from recycled plastic.

He also proposed holding a regular competition for all schools to use Ecobrikcs, plastic soda bottles filled with single use plastics, as building blocks of anything they want to showcase.

Aside from cutting the volume of trash, the activity will “jumpstart the awareness and educational campaign leading to the ban of single-use plastic.”

Braga endorsed the letter to the committee on education and the committee on environment for deliberation.

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