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City Council mulls adoption law for impounded dogs, cats

The City Council is set to pass on first reading today, Aug. 6, the Adopt-A-Dog/Cat Ordinance of Davao City.

Based on the mulled legislation, three days after impounding, the City Veterinarian’s Office (CVO) shall determine if the unclaimed animal may be classified for permanent or temporary adoption by qualified persons or euthanasia in accordance with the law.

The office should also ensure the dog or cat requires rehabilitation, incapable of rehabilation, or deemed domesticated enough for adoption.

According to the Animal Rescue Rehabilitation and Fostering (ARRF) Davao City, an animal welfare advocate, there are 50 dogs impounded each day.

“Currently, CVO uses only one impounding vehicle but additional three vehicles are coming, hence, more stray dogs are expected to be caught,” the ARRF said in a Facebook post.

The group added that impounded animals will be observed for 10 days.

“Rabid and terminally ill dogs will be automatically euthanized. The rest will be up for adoption if no government-registered animal rescue group absorbs them.”

The CVO will observe the animals for rabies infection starting from the third day of impounding up to the 10th day.
Anyone who wants to adopt a rescue needs to be a resident of Davao City for six uninterrupted months. All members of the household must undergo an interview before the adoption application is approved.

Meanwhile, those who are renting must provide a written permission from their landlord before an adoption can be approved.

The proposed ordinance also requires adequate space in the fenced backyard “for the dog/cat to freely roam around in.” The proposed ordinance also said “it preferred that the dog be not put in a cage.”

Meanwhile, for rehabilitation, the CVO shall determine the physical and medical condition of the dogs and cats whether they are capable for the rehabilitation for the time provided or they need procedure for treatment.

The CVO shall also vaccinate all dogs and cats placed for adoption.

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