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Señor Moments | Farmer to supermarket

A sustainable barangay-based PEACE economy is the strategic objective and vision for the Paquibato district. This advocacy was kicked-off in a meeting led by Inday Morada-Santiago and Benjie Lizada; and attended by Cjader Regis, his NCCC team; as well as barangay Malabog officials. In the pilot run, the basic idea is to link the NCCC supermarket and Davao Restaurants’ agri-buyers with the farmers’ cooperatives.

After the meeting, I watched CNN-PH’s PROFILE on Nicolo Aberasturi, the president of “DOWN-TO-EARTH” and also the ORGANIC PRODUCERS TRADE ASSN.

Nicolo is an advocate of organically-produced agri-products and conducts workshops.

Another whale killed by plastic

Recently, a 600-pound, 3-meter long, 40-50 year old whale was found in our Davao Gulf. It was killed by ingesting a 5-ounce twisted nylon rope only a few inches long. It’s time to save our marine animals in the Davao Gulf.
“The worst enemy is… us! — plastic litterers.”

View our Art Exhibit “SAVE DAVAO GULF” @Art Centrale, Felcris Quimpo Blvd from August 5 to 31.

GARY L: Every ARRNEAN must have a favorite Gary Lising story. Mine came years later — in the mid-90s. I was the GM of Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island when I learned that there was a rotary delegation from Manila arriving in our boat. I went to the dock to greet them and to my surprise, the first one to get off was a very WET Gary Lising — soaked from head-to-foot, snarling his lop-sided grin: “Dinky — I’m going to sue you! Your pawikan pushed me overboard!”
Gary would do ANYTHING to get a laugh. May he R.I.P.

Unlike Proust’s hero, I don’t need to eat a Madeleine to recall “REMEMBRANCES OF THINGS PAST” — aw SMB will do, thank you. There was a guy in Bellarmine who kept singing — never hitting the highs — despite our dirty looks. “Walang pag-asa itong batang ito.” One day, some dorm mates went to UP because my roomate (Artie Vergel de Dios) was performing with other 3 Bellarminers. They were a minor hit — but this GUY stood-out singing “CONSTANTLY”: Jose Mari Chan.

D.C. Tourism Master Plan (TMP)

(Source: EDGE, 28-29 JUL, p. 3, by Dave Villamora)

Our TMP remains incomplete at TIEZA since 2017 for delivery by 2018. The budget is Php 10 M — by a winning bidder.

Two questions:
1. Why TIEZA? Was this during ex-DOT Sec. Teo’s time — when MR. Teo was in TIEZA?
2. Who’s the winning bidder? I hope our TMP addresses our TOP 5 PROBLEMS that will discourage tourists:
a. CLEANLINESS: dirty canals and esteros flow directly to the DVO gulf, polluting our beaches.
b. TRAFFIC: parking-on-side-streets (e.g. the DCWD bldg in Juna – employees now park on 3-4 streets there. How can a Php 1 billion bldg NOT have parking for its employees?! How did this pass our city planning?
c. AIRPORT/SEAPORT: need lots of improvement.
d. SAMAL BRIDGE: takes 2-3 hours lining up for the FERRY. terrible.
e. Is our TMP consistent w/ Palafox’s master plan for mega-DVO?

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