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Editorial | Rain or shine, bring umbrellas

Strong rains Tuesday afternoon that continued well into the night is what nightmares are made of for ordinary commuters. Along Bolton street, a queue of students and employees waited patiently with their soggy umbrellas for public utility vehicles that were few and far between. At 11 pm, there were still many stranded students who were wet, cold and probably hungry.

Some workers had to stay longer in their offices as roads leading to their homes were already flooded. Students had no choice but to brave the rains, some of them drenched, just to get a ride home. There were others who had to look for coffee shops and restaurants where they could wait for the rain to peter out.

Although it is still rainy season in the country, we are oftentimes lulled by the thought that a sun shiny day will lead to cool moonlit nights. We are often wrong. A bright day almost always ends with a shower or heavy rain in the late afternoon or evening. There is no way for us but to adjust and adapt to the inclement weather by bringing jackets to ward off the cold and umbrellas to protect us from being drenched all the time. Like the popular Tagalong song, we bring umbrellas in the morning to shield us from the sun’s damaging rays and still bring umbrellas at night to protect us from the heavy rains.

The point here is that we have to protect ourselves all the time. Being prepared can help us get through whatever type of weather we are inconveniently faced with. Also, colds, coughs and other ailments become prevalent in this increasingly unpredictable climate.

We hope that the city was able to deploy buses that would bring stranded commuters home last Tuesday night. The rescue buses come quite as a relief for all of us who just want to go home to rest our tired bodies and weary souls at the end of the day.

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