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Tecson: We wanted something new

Amid the allegations of the lack of transparency of the Kadayawan designs, the city tourism officer said they just wanted something new.

Last week, a local group of artists called Tabula Rasa expressed its dismay to the local government for the alleged secrecy and lack of transparency in the selection process of the Kadayawan graphic designs.

City Tourism Official Generose Tecson told TIMES in a text message that the Kadayawan Execom started meeting weekly as early as May on the designs, “and everything was ironed out first week of July.”

“I believe also that the City Government has a right to commission work, and in this case, the Execom wanted something from another perspective who can give a ‘new’ look to our icon,” said Tecson.

Dinky Munda, Jr., representing Tabula Rasa, said in a statement that even the chairperson of the City Council’s committee on art and culture and the City’s Art and Culture Council was kept unawares.

“What’s most objectionable about this issue is transparency-lack and the secrecy in the process of the selection of the graphic designer,” Munda said.

The selection process, Munda said, should have at least been open to Davao artists and graphic designers “who I think can compete with the best in Metro Manila.”

Munda is asking City Admin Zuleika Lopez, City Tourism Tecson and the Kadayawan festival director “to please explain, after all it’s also our tax pesos.”

However, Tecson said the Kadayawan Execom received design from local artists.

“If there are any homegrown artists who want to present their designs for any activity in the city, then we would gladly welcome them,” Tecson said.

The Kadayawan Festival 2019 was launched to the media last July 8 but its official kickoff ceremony for the month-long celebration is slated August 8.

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