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Señor Moments | “SONA”-ma-GUN!


The best moment: corruption would end if “the big one” hit now and SWALLOWED the audience. Nervous, guilty laughter followed — except from the diplomats (was Iceland’s there?).

I give PRRD a 90% net SATISFACTION rating for his 1st three years. And a 95% TRUST RATING for his legislative agenda on the last year. However, his speech delivery rated only 75% — like his post-SONA singing with the orchestra.

I believe poverty alleviation should be the focus because this will lead to securing PEACE and winning the war on DRUGS, CRIMINALITY and corruption. The legislative agenda and all constitutional changes should support the END-POVERTY PROGRAMS.


“The war on drugs will RELENTLESSLY continue… until the end of my term.”

At this stage, the Catholic church and the CHR should change their strategy, bishops and priests in their sermons and homilies should condemn as MORTAL SINS the taking, pushing, making, financing and smuggling of ILLEGAL DRUGS as well as PLUNDER. These could result in the early departure from this earth and eternal domination in the next.


Let’s eliminate POVERTY within three years. How?

Change the constitution:
1. Strike out the provision for the “SEPARATION” of church and state. It’s a MYTH. Tax, like PVT corps, the RELIGIOUS oligarchies (Catholic. INC, El Shaddai, Quiboloy, atbp.) These organizations own VAST properties, luxury cars, choppers, jets — all tax-free.
2. Remove restrictions and ease of doing business with FOREIGN capital and investments (to 80/20). PH is poor but has thousands hectares of land and millions of people without jobs.
3. CO-DEVELOP the South China Seas/West Philippine Sea with claimants, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Tough to divy-up shoals, easier CASH sharing.
4. DEATH penalty to smugglers and plunderers. The money stolen could go to the poor.

If we end poverty, we will have PEACE and win the drug war.


It was the 12th round with about a minute before the final bell — and Thurman was beating up our PACMAN. A smell of burning and sparks on our roof caused us to shutdown the power! The firemen came — and put out the electrical fire. But who won? Bitin, but thanks to cellphones we soon knew.

Manny Pac should now RETIRE – quit on a winning note.

He won the 1ST six rounds, Thur the last six rounds. The 1st round KO 2 points -the margin of victory.

Manny looked 20 the 1ST three rounds, 30 the next. By the 7-9th, 40 and 10-12th, 50 — open-mouth breathing, out-of-gas, running on empty.

It’s time to hang up the gloves — with HONOR.

Forget Floyd, prepare now vs. Gordon, Cayetano, Villar, Lacson, Sara, Isko, atbp.

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