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Councilor eyes to ban ‘inconvenient’ humps

A City Councilor is pushing for a measure that will regulate the construction of humps and other protuberance on public roads.

Councilor Ralph Abella is seeking to amend the existing traffic ordinance as he wants to regulate the construction of humps, speed bumps, or any protuberance on public roads within the territorial jurisdiction of the city and to impose penalties.

The proposal was passed on first reading in the recent regular session and has been referred jointly to the Committee on Transportation and Communications and the Committee on Rules, Privileges, Laws, and Ordinances.

The proposed ordinance is set to amend Ordinance No. 0334-12 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Code of the City.

“No person, natural or juridical shall construct/install any hump or any protuberance or any public road within the territorial jurisdiction of the City without approval from the City Mayor through the City Transport and Traffic Engineering and Infrastructure Division (TEID) of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO),” the proposed ordinance said.

It added that speed humps/bumps and other protuberance shall only be allowed along schools, hospital zones, private and public subdivisions, and highly hazardous and densely populated areas except in main roads or highways.

Abella, chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Food, cited a case in Barangay Vicente Hizon, Sr., Buhangin District, where he used to serve as barangay captain, that residents put up a large bump out of a PVC pipe cut into half.
“It’s an inconvenience bump,” Abella said in a phone interview. “This can break the under chassis of vehicles.”

Once approved, the barangay local government unit (BLGU) will be tasked to submit to the CTTMO’s TEID an inventory of all humps/bumps and protuberance within their territorial jurisdiction.

The BLGU are also expected to issue Barangay Resolution supporting the application of construction of humps by private subdivisions, private/public schools/day care centers, private/public hospitals and clinics, business establishments and any local residents.

Meanwhile, the TEID would evaluate and recommend to the City Mayor’s Office the approval or disapproval of applications and provide basic standards, specifications and guidelines as to the construction, methodology, and design of speed humps, bumps or protuberance.

The standards cover road grade or slope design, proximity to curve, street condition, curbs, spacing between humps, loading and unloading zones, diversion potential, proximity to water or electric utility access, and designated travel lanes.

It shall also provide alternative options in place such as rumble strips, install warning signs prior to the speed humps, bumps, and protuberance, and review all existing ones and recommend for its modification, alteration, or demolition.

The proposal, once approved, will imposed a P5,000 penalty or imprisonment of not more than six months on any person, officer of firm, corporation or association who will violate the provisions of the ordinance.

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