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Writing Detours | What’s the #Haulternative?

Fashion hauls—videos or blogs where people talk about their shopping experiences and purchases—are a staple on the internet. They’re entertaining and informative because, in a way, they guide consumers on trendy buys, great steals, and best deals. A savvy consumer, after all, always wants the best value for his money.

Fashion hauls, on the other hand, often send wrong message. These videos tend to fuel behaviors of fast, unsustainable and often irresponsible consumption, as evidenced by high-definition clips of shopping sprees and large amounts of colorful clothing.

Global discussions of fashion are leaning towards using fashion as a force for good. Are our habits reflecting that?

Fashion Revolution, a movement that seeks reform in fashion, continuously highlights that “we are in the midst of a climate emergency.”

“We urge citizens to remember that Loved Clothes Last and to limit our consumption, buy better, buy less,” the Fashion Revolution blog said.

So what’s the alternative? Fashion Revolution proposes that we find the #Haulternative.

“You don’t need to buy new clothes to enjoy a fashion haul. Instead of the traditional fashion haul, where you go shopping and post a video of what you’ve bought, try a #Haulternative: a way of refreshing your wardrobe without buying new clothes,” said a page of a Fashion Revolution magazine.

Fashion Revolution suggests nine #Haulternatives:

1. Love story – Rather than buying new, fall back in love with the things you already own. Share a story, or write a love letter about an item of clothing that means a lot to you. Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama wear their favorite outfits time and time again. Some bloggers are also committing to wearing clothes for at least #30wears and love them for longer, taking a stand against disposable fashion. You should too!
2. Broken but beautiful – Share the story about an item of clothing that you’ve worn in to the point that others may see it as damaged or broken, but that you love and will cherish forever.
3. Fashion fix – When we wear clothes we adore again and again, they can start to show signs of wear and tear. Make your clothes last longer by repairing them when they need it. Get creative; make your broken seams, holes and tears into a fashion statement.
4. 2hand – Recreate your favourite looks for a fraction of the price by buying from your local charity shops. (Let’s go ukay-ukay!)
5. Swap – Swapping, swishing, sharing. The simplest way to extending the life of your clothes
is by giving them a new owner.
6. DIY – If you’ve fallen out of love with a piece of clothing, don’t throw it out, change it up. You can tailor clothes to a different shape, add new embellishments, or dye it a different colour. You could turn it into something completely new, like a scarf or an accessory.
7. Vintage – Hunt for your own unique piece to own a piece of history and channel that Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall or Marylin Monroe look. Vintage gives you personal style and means you’ll be reusing, repurposing and extending the life of beautiful clothes. (Ukay-ukay again!)
8. Hire/rent – Hire/rent catwalk looks for high street prices, it makes perfect sense. Super cheap designer clothes to loan and wear for any occasion. All you have to do is give them back.
9. Slow – Fast fashion and mass produced luxury have distracted us from the beauty and true value of the handmade, from intricate embroidery to a simple, delicate hand weave. Turn to local fashion designers and social entrepreneurs who work with communities that continue to practice crafting and artisanal techniques. (You don’t have to look far! Davao-based brands like Ninofranco and En Route Handcrafted Accessories champion Mindanao’s artisans)

There are so many ways to enjoy fashion while being mindful of the environment and our communities!

Tell me, which #Haulternative are you taking today? Buzz me @jesiramoun in social media; learn more about #Haulternative in the Fashion Revolution website.

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