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Plain and Simple | Remembering Sano

Sano is a Boholano term of endearment like pre, pare, bro, brod. But it really is more than this.

No one can truly grasp the meaning of Sano if one is not boholano or has not lived for years in Bohol. Or has never befriended a boholano.

Funny that non boholanos make fun of Sano, but Sano is really a true and loyal friend. This reminds me of our dear friend the late Satur Apoyon. Writer. Journalist. And friend. PNA boss.

Sano makes me remember Yoyoy Villame, novelty singer par excellence. Why, because his sings are easy to follow, buki, but very enduring. Patriotic, to say the least.

Yoyoy talks about Philippine geography, a song so easy to follow and memorize.

He also talked about our professions from the plumber to the architect, from lavandera to professors, from purok leader to chief executive. And it is so easy to sing and follow.

The Boholano novelty singer started as a bus driver. But he had the talent, the skills to compose and sing. He exploited it to compose songs for an ordinary person to follow.

Yoyoy even tried doing movies about the Boholano with Leila Hermosa. This was the “Bol-anon ko nyur” but it was not allowed as one of the Boholano lawyers got irked and offended by the movie. He went to court to check on it. The court bowed to the anger of the Boholanos and the movie became El Viajedor.

Ambot what happened to the movie.

The movie showed how gullible the Boholano was. No wonder, many boholanos were offended by the movie.

But Sano is a good friend, generous soul. When Sano goes to the big city, his attitude changes. He will be engulfed by the secularism of the world. I hope Sanos are not ruthless when they make money in the big city.

The first time I went to Bohol I was so impressed by their hospitality. I was in Talibon, then Trinidad and the two towns were so quiet and undeveloped. The attitude of the people are pure and simple. Very warm and hospitable.

I would even joke with my other bisayan friends that the Boholanos are the real Filipinos. Kind. Warm. Hospitable. And a fighter. Include Nonito Donayre. And yes Dagohoy. The oldest revolt was the revolt of Dagohoy.

Whatever, the Boholanos have the stuff they are really made of. Sano.

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