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Honoring my mother | The village

Yesterday, we finally celebrated last June’s graduation and the July 20 birthday of our son in one of our favorite downtown restaurants. It was nothing fancy really, as we had long decided that, except for our large family contingent, we would invite just a few very close friends, who’ve also known our son during his growing-up years.

We had also prepared and had printed, a small collection of his poems and essays to serve as our special mementos and giveaways. Having finished college with a degree in creative writing, we felt that it was just fitting that he shared his talent with those who had watched him growing up.

Needless to say, it was a very happy moment, even though not everyone we invited made it for the occasion. Some were out of the country, while others had previously-set appointments.

Nevertheless, a celebration, even by any other name, means a lot, and for us, it was a time to gather everyone we love closer, for briefly getting to know each other, and for them to see up close how they have impacted on our lives and that of our son’s.

So it was, friends from uni, who had seen him grow, from a small rugrat doing what every little boy does when he’s with the mum in the office, to the suddenly-pensive student walking down the halls of the university where his mother works.

My friends, who had been accustomed to seeing the tiny boy who covered his ears while we rehearsed inside a friend’s music studio and him casually checking out every music instrument, to the long-haired teener who on rare times, accompanied mum to see his dad’s music gigs and swig a few beers.

Of course, there were the family friends who have been with us through thick and thicker, who witnessed our baby crawl, walk, and run through the countless years (or only 21) of Sunday family reunions and such. All of them are our permanent imprints.

These special people, without their knowing it, may have at several stations, been a part of our lives and journey, but their influence, we firmly believe had seeped into what our son is today. For sure, we should never underestimate the sponge-like ability of our children as we expose them to the everyday realities and our daily goings-on.

A million hugs to all these special peeps. As my partner aptly put it, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

I am constantly overwhelmed that I come from where you all are.

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