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Editorial | Will and passion

Yesterday was another silent day for the country as its “Pambansang Kamao” fought another bout that saw him tarnish the record of Keith Thurman.

Although the judges were split, favoring the fighting senator of the country, Pacquiao made a mark on Thurman’s consciousness when he floored the American in the first round. Before the fight, Thurman was undefeated.

No matter what his critics would say, if there is a person worth of emulating for his will to succeed in what he does it is Manny Pacquiao.

During his tender age, he used everything he had as he worked his way to where he is now.
When he wanted to become a politician, he used his charisma to win. People may criticize him for what they would claim as his sloppy work as a senator – his supporters may argue against this– but he also showed everyone the real meaning of determination.

So Manny Pacquiao, the boxer, does not have anything to prove anymore. He has done what he wanted to do on the ring of boxing. It is time for him to hang his gloves and concentrate on his other endeavors – his being a politician, leading his basketball league and his businesses. Everyone knows when he focuses on his intention to do, he becomes successful.

It is also time for Manny Pacquiao, as someone to be emulated, to show to the children, his and those others who want to follow his footsteps, that there is always time for everything.

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