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Revitalizing the Davao Historical Society

A new member signs the pledge of commitment.

“History is the story told by the victors – so runs the usual saying. But I don’t think it’s true. It seems to me that history is the story told by the survivors. In other words – the record that we can find. It may be a list of battles carved in stone. It may be the diary of a little girl who did not, personally survive. It may be an artifact dug up by an archeologist, or the thickness of a ring in a tree, or even a tune. The victors may have been lucky; but the survivors, I think, have the last word.”
– Edward Rutherfurd, English author, political researcher and publisher.

The new members with the officers of the Davao Historical Society, Inc.

The Davao Historical Society, Inc. held its membership orientation and induction yesterday at the Pia’s Café in Quimpo Boulevard, the usual meeting place of a motley group of educators, writers and history buffs. Councilor Pilar Braga, its president, said the occasion was some kind of a rebirth as the organization, although established in 1961, went through the whole process of new SEC registration after its previous documents have lapsed.

Councilor Pilar Braga, DHS president, receives the book on Gen. Paulino Santos from one of the authors and the eldest grandchild of the General, Dinky Munda. Photo by Ian Garcia

Vice president Ma. Julieta “Tisay” Torres said the organization was established to be an “effective chronicler of the important historical events and to help preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the region.” She said the new members will be sworn as to their commitment to the organization as well as the sharing of time, talent, skills and personal resources to achieve the purpose and objectives of the group.

The Davao Historical Society has to catch up with what it set out to do on the outset – to tell the story of how we came to be and the people that have made it happen. Through its various programs, the organization seeks to surface the memory of what we have gone through and the triumphs we have felt that make us proud of the city we call home.

Antonio Figueroa, writer and author of history books, talks about possible involvement of Davao City as host of the National Historical Society conference next year. Photo by Ian Garcia

It is said that those who do not study history are condemned to repeat its mistakes. In war and peace, this is very true.

During the charging ceremony officiated by Marina Ruivivar, Secretary, the new members were accepted because of their appreciation of Davao history and culture, and for the reason that they can help foster the spirit of volunteerism and activism among Davao citizens in promoting Davao’s history as well as preserving its historical heritage. They are also capable of organizing fellow Davaoenos to become members of the organization.

DHS Past president Nonito Delgado.

Past president Nonito Delgado said that he is glad the new members come from different fields of endeavor and are quite young and energetic. He said the previous members were now elderly or have moved to other places for retirement, so the younger set is very much appreciated. He also gave appreciation to the staff of Councilor Braga for their secretariat work and for

DHS VP Ma. Julieta “Tisay” gives the rationale of the charging and induction of new members.

Agnes Caharian for her tireless work in ensuring that the organization will be registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The new members also shared what they can do to help the organization be more vibrant and dynamic.

Vic Navales, DHS Treasurer, steered the program forward, making the event a joyous occasion for all.

DHS Treasurer Vic Navales, an engaging host of the event.

Among the new members are: Ian Ray Garcia, Deng Fuentes, Susan Antepuesto, Dinky Munda, Queenie Munda, Vic Sumalinog, Fe Arrobo, Irma Astilla, Nelson Estares, Antonio Figueroa, Nancy Ibuyan. Wilfredo Rodolfo III was also accepted as new member in absentia.

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