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Timesman | “Silahis” overnight

ILLINOIS, USA – Through this corner, readers learned that fishing and wild hunting are my outdoor games. I tried playing golf but after only a few months of practice I stopped because of back injury and was forced to see an Australian chiropractor in the Philippines that cured me after six months of continued sessions.

I played bowling with my contemporary, the late Julio Tesoro. But after his death just few days of our nightly games, I also quit playing.

Aside from my being an angler, I love eating fish cooked or raw over pork or beef, specially sashimi Tuna as pulutan combined with chilly wasabi, also a known appetizer to the Japanese menu.

But one thing for sure my readers don’t know is that fish can swap their sex, with females turning into males in some species and males turning into females in others. There are more or less 500 fish species around the world, including the clown fish in the movie “Finding Nemo.”

According to biologist Erica Todd from the University of Otago in New Zealand, people think of sex as being fixed “but there are so many fish that can push it in the other direction.”

After continued studies of the different fish sex behaviors for years (I can’t print them all here for lack of space), Todd concluded that all animals with a back bone, including humans, share these genes of changing sex and this can be due to our reproductive systems that are more complex and would be far more complicated.

No comment on that because being humans, there are some married men machos by day but “Silahis” by night! This also happens to opposite sex and the third sex, as well!


There is a move in Philippine Congress to require car buyers to have garage in the house before allowing them to own a car.

It was noted that many car owners don’t have carports and park their vehicles on the road fronting their houses that cause traffic and accidents to pedestrians.

If the plan pushes through, all roads in every street corners in the country will be decongested of illegally parked vehicles of those who use the streets as privately owned garage.

In my new world, most families own two or three cars as public utilities are limited to few Uber taxis operating within downtown areas, while commuter and cargo trains are the usual means of transportation of people traveling the countrysides.

School buses are for the students and faculty staff, while commuters’ PUJs, tricycles or trisikad, and habal-habal in the Philippines are yet to be introduced here.

So, if a family member doesn’t have a car, he or she usually hitches with friends or the neighbors who own cars. But seldom do you found a household without cars.

And since everybody owns a car, and many leave their vehicles on the road for lack of garage (many old houses were built without garage in many states I visited) expect only to compare the crowded areas to heaven for second-hand cars of dealers and would-be buyers. My daughter’s house here has three carports.

And we also expect that the situation will get worse after it was reported that the average age of cars and trucks in the US has hit a record 11.8 years, as better quality and technology allow people to keep them on the road longer.

US Congress may take a pick at the idea of our bright boys in the Philippines. They might finally find a solution to some over-crowded streets of vehicles in many states.


“Heat and humidity here for the long haul,” Chicago Weather Center’s headlined.

“The Chicago area is gearing up for its longest heat wave since 2012, when the city logged eight 90-degree plus days from June 30 to July 7 that included three days of triple-digit heat.”

As of this writing from where I am in Illinois, the temperature is 84- degrees while strong thunderstorms are possible in a few days as a weak front passes through the area, turning winds off the lake.

In my room, the temperature remains at 74F. The centralized air-condition is working according to the needs of our body.

But since autumn is approaching and soon winter will follow when ice on the streets is expected a meter deep, my request to US immigration for a 300 days trip to my country might be considered. Otherwise, I will be likened to a freezing Tuna by then! Ang ginaw.

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