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Honoring my Mother | Rainy days and shopping malls

There were two new giant malls, just beside each other, that we have long wanted to check out. Problem was, they were so far and a few hours away from our mountain retreat. Not for reasons of just wasting the time away and aimless window-shopping, mind you, but because, like all seriously sensible (but also gullible) consumers, we were always on the lookout for cheap and affordable groceries and other goods.

An opportunity presented itself one day when an office friend confided that located on one of these malls was a Land Transportation Office that had the least number of people applying for student’s driving permits. So without further ado, off we went. (My son and I, that is.)

True to expectations, our visit and permit application proved successful, but what was more important was that our going there (and looking around) became an advanced scouting of the whole area.

Our fam of three now had ample reasons to immediately head down there, maybe to watch the latest Spider-Man movie, and to check out every nook of these monsters, including of course, the grocery outlets and shoe stores. So on the weekend, we did our second sortie, accomplished all three goals, and despite the sound of thunder and rain outside, toured the malls like the mountain peeps that we were.
The wifey had a great time, the son had a grand foodfest and I had foot cramps.

In the end, let me say that indeed, the modern malls of today are a far cry from their original versions in the 80s. Steadily, they have evolved into the complete one-stop shopping venues, where the only thing missing were a place to sleep, and a hospital within.

Nevertheless, the surrounding areas have bloomed accordingly to provide these necessary infrastructures. As a result, the subdivisions around and suburbia in general, benefited and thrived. In the particular case of the twin-mall treat that we visited however, we were pleasantly surprised that the public wet market that fronted their impressive entrances had still remained operable, as though defiant in its stand against the modern-day adversaries. Like an updated David and Goliath story, its presence is inspiring, as it has given consumers a remaining but rapidly-diminishing luxury that is left available to them: choice.

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