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Señor Moments | Life was here… then

Since this is the first of planned weekly columns, let me tell you about my background, so you’ll understand where I am coming from.

I’m a 75 year old senior citizen born in GenSan, the city named after my grandfather. But I grew up in D.C., Jesuit-schooled (AdD GS/HS ‘60, AdMU AB ‘65, Sta. Clara U, Ca, MBA ‘72).

I was an advertising agency A.E. in the mid ‘60s, an executive in Silicon Valley for 30 years (INTEL). Retired and came back to DC in the mid-90’s; was a GM At Pearl Farm and Nenita Foods. Retired again — and owned a furniture-manufacturing company.

Now happily retired for the 3rd time, my Wednesdays are spent having coffee and beer w/ my HS ‘60 batch mates. The rest of the week, I PAINT and spend time w/ my family and my artist-friends.
Hopefully, my column will enlighten, amuse and inform readers and allow an old foggie to dispense advise, opinions, anecdotes — even NOT asked for.

“We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song
Like the seasons have all gone
All our lives we had fun. We had seasons in the sun
But the stars we could reach. Were just starfish on the beach.”

So let me take you back on a walking tour around the city of my youth, the city of the 50’s and 60’s. Help me — if my memory falters, as remembrances fade… from the pages of my mind, and from memories sweetened through the ages just like wine.” (Thanks, Elvis) or BEER.

My childhood days were centered in a little pocket of rented houses called “GUINO-O COMPOUND” along Anda St. our neighbors were the Cutlers (Charlie & Eddie-boy), the Sisons (Nelson, Norman, Emil) and the Liceraldes (Pong, Boy). We had lots of fun there since we had a large playground in the middle of the compound. There we played traditional games like TUMBA LATA, KANYONG KAWAYAN, PIKO, PINTIK, SHATONG, JOLEN, LIBENTADOR, PITUGO, wood and ball-bearing scooters, atbp. Games the kids no longer play.

1. ANDA ST. – Guino-o Compound, Macasaet BLDG., Quitains, Lyric Theater, de la Rosa Bros., Movie Billboard painting

2. Bonifacio ST. – Guino-o Hotel, Clifford Theater, Tagumpay (Victory) Theater, Fongkit Furniture, Bibo Campo, Indonesian Consulate, The Roques, Pamintuan, Apo View Hotel

3. Ponciano- Dvo Central Elem., Mindanao Times, Parade Grounds, Fire Stn., Aglipay Church

4. Claveria- Babistas, Luzvimin Pharmacy, Tabora Funeraria, Ideal (A/C), Davao Theater, Tapias, Teoxons, Me Hang Grocery, Gamir, Munda Abellera + Puno Law Office

5. San Pedro- Universal, Liberty, U&I, Ang Mahunit, Chiew Tailoring, Magno Dept. Store, Sevilla Bookstore, Gem, ICC, St. Peter’s School, San Pedro Church, Rizal Park, Roller Skate, City Hall, MenSeng, Tung Chong, Big Chieng Bazaar, Lila, Loleng’s, 3 Sisters.

6. Legaspi- Flying A, Mata Bicycles, Dencia’s, LAT, Palma, Dizon, Balahadia, PTA

7. Rizal- Domings Barber, Dr. Castillo, Kimpos, Durban, Monfort, Oboza, Monterverde, Alcantara

8. Magallanes- UCCP Kinder, Brokenshire, MilFlor, Carriedos, RMC.

9. Jacinto- Ateneo GS/College, EBRO

10. Matina- Ateneo HS, PWC (1953)

11. Juna Subd- Floirendo, Sarmiento, Hilario, Antonino, Walstrom, Munda, Bastida, Abella, Sarenas, Robillo, Valderama, Siqui, Palou, Madrazo, Lim, Duterte, Almendras, Pavino, de la Paz, Garcia, Dominguez, Soriano

12. Uyanguren- Harvardian, Florendo, Munda Furniture, Funeraria, Acacia Trees, Davao Hardware

13. Times Beach- the “private” beach. Accessible from Ateneo HS or Juna by HIKING.

14. Talomo Beach- the “public” beach. Pancit Canton wrapped in dahong saging.

(NOTE: These memories were contributed by our “KAPEHAN HS ‘60” with considerable memory-aid help from KUYA Nonoy Morada.)


1. Now that the P.O.C. board and president has RESIGNED — it’s time to discard them permanently. Let the NSA’s report directly to the PSC – which funds them. Let the PSC WITHHOLD funding until NSA’s settle their intramural squabbling. (Butch R. please take note)

2. Let’s STOP going to the Olympics. What a waste of time and money competing vs. PROFESSIONALS (Basketball, Tennis, Track & Field.) STOP sending the Gilas (20+ & -19) — no chance. None. Nada. Nyet. Embarrassing! Let’s fund our AMATEURS instead — esp. the youth.

3. And let’s STOP importing AFRICAN centers in the NCAA / UAAP. Let’s focus on the Kai Sottos — and our other upcoming centers.

4. In the Olympics or Asian Games (I.O.C. sanctioned), BOXING is our only chance for gold. But only if our PROS compete — Nietes, Ancajas, Donaire, etc. Pacquiao can COACH.
R. J. & JOJO

In the mid-80’s, after a 19-yr absence, I flew to MLA from SF.

At the airport, I noticed a guy surrounded by a crowd – mostly girls.

Curious, I came over and was really surprised when this stranger greeted me:

“O, RJ, ikaw pala…” (I think he mistook me for one of my AdM classmates)
After more pleasantries, he told me he was also “RJ” — RICO J.
He gave me a cassette. Here’s 1 song I’m dedicating to JOJO A.
Bakit ba ganyan
Ang buhay ng tao?
Mayrong mayaman (si pastor)
May api sa mundo (5 million)
Kung hanapin (ng NBI)
‘Di matagpuan (si Jojo)
At kung minsan lumalapit
Na ‘di mo alam.
(My apologies to Rico J. and his songwriters)


I watched KAPA Pastor Jojo Apolinario’s ANC TV Interview and he raised 3 issues that merit discussion and enlightenment.

1. The Centrists’s proposed revised constitution states:
Art 2/ Sec. 14 (p. 12) The PH is a secular state respecting the inviolability of the separation of church and state.

QUESTIONS: If the laws of the state are in conflict with church laws, what laws shall PREVAIL? (see ART 4 / SEC 5 pg.14)

– Do we have a NATIONAL law (not just sec “regulations”) that ban a religious group that PROMISES monetary returns on donations?

– Do we even have a national law that bans “PONZI” or “NETWORKING”? After “LEGACY” — why couldn’t we stop these?

Apolinario says that aside from being a RELIGIOUS org, it is also an I.P. group. Refer to Art. 4 Sec. 4 (pg.12) “The state shall defend the rights & interest of the I.P.’s”


I’ve been to hundreds of live concerts (Elvis 2x, Neil D, Anka 2x, Everly, Sinatra, Iglesias, atbp).

But the one I keep recalling was Belafonte’s concert at Araneta in the mid-60’s.

It’s Harry’s “1st CARNEGIE HALL” concert.

I’ve been trying to get a filmed DVD — but so far, no luck. So I’m settling for a CD — thanks to my Vegas buddy, Eddie Raymundo.


Our SP & City Hall is a good (or BAD) example. Street parking there is two-deep. They should set the example by building a pay-to-park multi BLDG on TOP of Rizal Park. This way a ROOF is created over the park.

Another example are the streets surrounding the new, 1/2 Billion PH building of the DC Water District. How this bldg got approved without adequate parking by city planning is a MYSTERY — or perhaps not.
DCWD employees’ vehicles – incl. their DCWD vans – now occupy the 3 streets around their new bldg in Juna Subd.

Traffic from Ateneo parents compound the problem.


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