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New car buyers need to show parking space first

A lawmaker intends to pass an ordinance requiring buyers to present a proof of ownership for a parking space before they are allowed to acquire vehicles.

Councilor Conrado Baluran, who heads the committee on transportation and communications, said the fast-paced development of the city, along with the narrow roads, contribute to the traffic congestion.

The Land Transportation Office XI records show that in 2017, there were 28,297 private vehicles registered in their office with 5,517 vehicles registered for-hire.

The proposed ordinance will require “prospective vehicle owners only be allowed to purchase vehicles after securing an affidavit or certificate of ‘Proof of Parking Space’ confirming that they have acquired, either through purchase or lease, a parking space for the vehicle sought to be purchased.”

“In this manner, it does not only lessen the volume of vehicles plying our streets but also, thus, clear our side streets of obstruction due to illegal parking,” he added.

He added that it is a reality that vehicle owners have turned narrow streets into their own private parking space, which blocks the flow of traffic.

Baluran said the proposed ordinance aims to instill responsible vehicle ownership.

“It is true that no one has the right to stop someone from buying their vehicle, as everyone has the right to do so. But when such right has started to cause discomfort to others and in public in general, then social responsibility will be taken into consideration,” he said.

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