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Plain and Simple | Insiders are priority

The explanation of Atty. Aileen Lizada, now commissioner of the Civil Service Commission, on the insider issue intrigued me and yes, piqued my interest.

In a news release, Atty Lizada said it is not true that government agencies must hire people who are already insiders. This means vacant positions are really not reserved for those who are already working in the government agency.

Atty Lizada, who was once our tourism officer here in Davao City, cited a provision in the civil service manual debunking the practice of government agencies to appoint those who are already working with them.

The position must be open to all to give the chance to others who maybe more qualified and prepared. I agree with Atty. Lizada on this because there are applicants who are already working with government but who want to transfer.

Even if they give priority to their own people for whatever reason, the process of hiring must be respected and followed. Applicants must be notified of the decision to hire or not to hire based on the processes applied.

Appointing authority in the government agency should not leave applicants hanging just because she or he is threatened by the applicant’s qualifications.

If the appointing authority does not like to work with an applicant once hired, well, she or he just have to be humble in telling the applicant the real score. That simple, noh!

I am happy Atty. Lizada is the daughter of Nonong Lizada, owner of the famous Harana where I used to meet with friends. Harana is now a fixture of Davao City. It is synonymous to good food in Davao City.
Back to the insider thing that Atty. Lizada talked about, reminding appointment authority to exercise what is stipulated in the manual of CSC.

I think there is nothing big or demanding in this for as long as the applicant will be informed accordingly. The problem happens when the applicant is required to fulfill all the needed papers and exams but the government agency does not submit the applicant’s papers as required.

Or worse, the exam was not checked and the applicant is told he or she cannot be hired because of over qualification. How can he or she be overqualified when the applicant’s papers were really not submitted to the committee who will evaluate? Or worse, the exams were really not checked?

There is deception there. There is dishonesty there.

We thank Atty. Lizada for clarifyng this because we know the Duterte administration does not tolerate dishonesty. Having worked as tourism officer under Mayor Duterte, Atty Lizada knows honesty is on top of this administration’s agenda.

Fair is fair. What is just is just. This simple. And Atty Lizada knows that by heart.

Insiders do not have the privilege to be appointed just because he or she is already working there. All must be given the chance.

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