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Hospital turns 50; buys new equipment

In time for its golden anniversary, the Davao Doctor’s Hospital has unveiled three new imaging equipment set to “raise the bar for therapeutic and diagnostic imaging in the region.”

The hospital spent about P600 million for the equipment that include the computer tomography scan (CT Scan), mammogram, and the catheterization laboratory or Cath Lab.

“In terms of equipment, we have come up with several modalities particularly diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, including the 256 slice CT scan,” Joseph Nepomuceno, hospital assistant ancillary director said during their golden anniversary event Monday.

These new equipment, said Raymund del Val, hospital president and chief executive officer, are also the first in Mindanao and the third in the whole country.

“These equipment have a dual energy and dual source capability,” Nepomuceno said.

The computer tomography (CT) scan has better image resolution, less radiation exposure and less dose of contrast media.

“The advantage of this is a faster procedure, and lesser radiation exposure to the patients. So, it’s more of controlling the patient’s radiation exposure,” he said.

“The faster procedure, the lesser the dose for contrast media, meaning there is a lesser chance for a side effect, especially on the kidney” he explained.

It will also offer better application for cardiology, oncology, nephrology, and orthopedic.

The digital mammography, Nepomuceno said, is also the first in Mindanao.

“What is unique here is that it can perform tomosynthesis, and stereotactic breast biopsy,” he said.

According to Nepomuceno, this is lesser painful for women for soft compression.

The Cath Lab equipment are used for surgical procedures. “The equipment provide very refined imaging especially on the veins, because this is an advanced digital 3D imaging,” Del Val said.

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