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Honoring my Mother | Pause and Breathe

I really do not get it when I hear people say ‘Ignorance is bliss,’ usually during moments when one is naive about something. A similar saying, ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ is equally bothersome. It is like walking into a dark room and totally surrendering to all the bumps and tumble, while at the same time, in the back of one’s mind, wishing that a light would at any moment, be turned on to brighten your way.

Is it a form of surrender, a timid acceptance to what lies ahead? Nope, this is not an intro that’s headed down the path to any religious debate, but any logical thinker would blink and say, why I can’t decide my fate?

Followers of European thought (like Marx) believe that any outcome is the result of interlinked events, which in totality leads one to infer that there is no such thing as an accident. Everything is connected.

As such, risk-taking ventures, for any logical thinker, is indeed bothersome. At least that is what I get from talking to agnostics and atheists.

Liberal thinkers, on the other hand, are many. Like the democrats of American politics, they espouse that we flex our wings and fly with the wind of wild abandon. On a more familiar plane, blind faith maketh the artist. Go go go. But where?

Where indeed. All that these lead to is this. Pause. Connect the dots. Tread lightly and surely.

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