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Editorial | Traffic at night

After the two vehicular crashes this month, the first along Quimpo Boulevard where two women were killed, and the second in Matina Pangi where 10 people were killed, it is no wonder that there are people who want the traffic enforcers to look into the very hazardous state of transportation at close to midnight in the city.

At this time, all kinds of wheeled vehicles that underwent gross mutation come out and ferry commuters to their destinations. Some do not have safety lights, some are a cross between a tricycle and pedicab, all of them accidents waiting to happen.

They are visible especially when the heavy rains flood the streets as they are the only means of transportation that dare brave the floodwaters. Commuters have no choice but to risk their safety just so they can be home safe and warm.

At other times, these monster rides pack so many passenger s inside their vehicle that it is a miracle the tires don’t blow up. This is not to mention how they drive as though they are the only vehicles on the road. Pass by the bankerohan bridge late at night and you would be cringing in fear looking at these vehicles swerving and overtaking other vehicles – without proper lights.

Who is looking into this? The drivers have the wherewithal to do this as they think no one is watching, “walay dakop,” anyway, so they go their merry way, unmindful of the safety of their passengers and the rest of the public.

We are requesting the concerned government office to monitor and check this menace on the road. And please include the vehicles parked along the streets, especially on narrow ones that could really cause a collision. Some even double park, worsening the traffic congestion in these side streets.

Enforcement of traffic laws is challenging but we believe political will can make things happen.

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