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Tabula Rasa | The dawning of an art  market (part two)

Twilight has come in the Davao art market where every single artist plays an important role in bringing the new light to the art industry. The glimpse of a new era is drawing near, vivid as a crystal with hope and aspiration that one day it will burst with blinding light to break the dawn that reveals the new and prosperous day for the artists. This will be the beginning of a quantum leap jolt by series of art events around Davao City. To concretize the plan of events with tremendous impact, Tabula Rasa Art Group Unlimited has charted down a road map that would serve as the blue print of direction to explore the unexplored horizon of possibilities in the art world.

Since 2015, Tabula Rasa Art Group Unlimited has been active in the local art scene, helping young artists in the elementary grades, high school and fine arts students from the local schools and hobbyists to show their skills and ideas in creating works of art. Art exhibits were initiated by Tabula Rasa in partnership with the Visit Davao events, the malls and hotels in the city.

On our road map, the next round of activities will be art competitions, art festivals with collectors and gallery owners in mind, workshops to be held by top curators in the country for artists, art galleries and art enthusiasts and art exchange with other regions, Southeast Asian countries and beyond.

There will be more opportunities for the local art collectors and enthusiasts to own art pieces from Davao artists. More events will shed a new light  in the Davao art scene to help artists fulfill their dreams. With the “Dawning of the Art Market,” PART TWO, the younger generation of artists will fully appreciate this new day in the local art industry and look at the future with expectations that art can be a source of dignity, inspiration and wealth.



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