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Poultry farm ordered to mitigate fly infestation

A poultry farm in Dacudao, Calinan District was ordered to install sanitary measures after residents complained of flies.

According to a report lodged at Davao City Reports, their community has been fly-infested due to the unhygienic practices of a poultry farm in Dacudao, Calinan.

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office then ordered the Rer Cabrera Poultry Farm to take action on the matter since the complainant claimed that they’ve been suffering for a long time already.
The poultry farm is located in Purok 10, Barangay Dacudao with two buildings within a 4-hectare property owned by Dr. Reuben Cabrera. The building is said to be utilizing a tunnel ventilation system, each capable of housing a flock of 35,000 birds.

According to the Barangay Secretary Roel Piquero, although there are many other poultry farms in the area, the Cabrera farm is nearest to the complainant’s house, which is located in Purok 5 of the said barangay.

“That the owner admitted that swarm of flies exists for two weeks during harvesting period. And according to Natalio Tabigue, utility of the said poultry, they were applying chemicals to minimize the existence of flies but despite of using it still they can’t manage the presence of flies on their poultry,” the inspection report said.

Accordingly, during transporting of livestock, the flies might go to the nearby houses. Some of exhaust systems have no net that might be the entry point of the fies to the poultry building.

As an action, the farm was advised to install a net on their exhaust system to prevent flies from entering their poultry building; install a fly glue or other mitigating measures to minimize the presence of flies in the area since their application of chemical was not effective; and always clean the delivery truck and cover it with net.

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