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Barangay boundary conflicts still unsolved

Several barangay boundary disputes in the city are still unresolved and a city councilor is pushing for the continued settling of case in the incoming council.

Re-electionist Councilor J. Melchor Quitain said the continued settlement of boundary problems will remain a priority of the incoming set of new councilors.

Quitain said there are still many items relative to the matter that remain unsolved.

“As the committee chair on Rules, Privileges, Laws and Ordinances, it is really important to settle boundary disputes of different barangays,” Quitain said.

He is hoping that the incoming council, in which he is still a member, will collate all the boundary problems “and put an end to it.”

“This is not only in the Poblacion area. There are disputes in the barangays in the first, second, and third districts,” he said. He cited the overlapping issue in the neighboring barangays of Governor Duterte and Centro in Agdao District.

The disputes, according to Quitain, have affected businesses and residents alike.

“The major effect here is that you will confuse the people, the people will not know what barangay they will go to to ask assistance from.

Also, with respect to the payment of the fees, taxes, and permits, they do not know which barangay to pay. It’s confusing for some of the businesses and even the residents,” he said.

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