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DLPC official assures no brownout during election

The Davao Light & Power Co. (DLPC) assured their readiness as the utility company laid out its contingency plans that cover before, during, and after the May 13 election.

“Earlier, we had a series of meetings with the DepEd and the Comelec. Before, we identified the polling precincts so we would know where to deploy our emergency tools and we advised all the Comelec assigned in the three districts to please check the load sites of the building,” DLPC assistant vice president Rossano Luga said during the iSpeak press conference on Thursday.

During the election, the Davao Light will be deploying emergency service crew in strategic areas to respond to emergency calls immediately. Their contact center will also be made available 24/7 which can be contacted by the Comelec and DepEd for assistance and emergency situations.

After the election, the DLPC assured that contingencies will still be in place and they will continue to monitor the electric power situation.

“The control of Davao Light is its distribution network. Now what we cannot control is the generation side and the transmission side. What worries us is the multiple shutdown of the power plants because that is beyond our control,” Luga said.

But he assured that DLPC will strive to ensure that there will be no power interruption on election day.

Nevertheless, he suggested that polling precincts should have their own flashlights and emergency lights in case of an emergency.


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