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Timesman: Good news for Trump

Illinois, USA – The good news I’ve read here over a cup of coffee while watching flocks of wild geese frolicking the nearby lake, is about the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report on Russia’s interference in the US presidential 2016 elections.

The Mueller report has finally exonerated President Trump after weeks of media spin by the White House, claiming there was really nothing to see in the report to show that the US President benefited from Russia’s wrong doing.

“No collusion, no obstruction of justice” has been the White House mantra, seconded by Attorney General William Barr, who said “no collision” 15 times in his 22-minute news interview Thursday morning before the release of the report.

In my only more than a week stay here, I observed that many voters haven’t paid a lot of attention to the Mueller report. Their most priority concern is still, “Who is on their side?”

The US presidential elections will be in November yet but candidates for the presidency, like Vice President Joe Biden is now visible in all media outlets seeking Democrats party nomination. No tarpaulins are up unlike in the Philippines where some political candidates already dirtied every street corners and polluted the air of their antics and false hopes to the voters even when the Comelec do’s and don’ts are yet to be announced.

That’s why I keep on saying that no Filipino politician will ever win the US presidency. Americans are sure that some of those who overspent during the campaign and win will surely get the ‘refund’ from the people’s pockets.

Coincidentally, I also had a share of good news to my readers. I now received my Social Security Card through mail box the other day. The SSC will help you find a job, but I have no plan of doing it as my daughter is financially capable of supporting me till my last hours.

The card provides proof of my identity and to enjoy some benefits given to US citizens while waiting for my citizenship status, if ever.

In my last column I wrote about this SSC promise when I was still in the Philippines to be released in the US. In less than 10 days upon arrival here, I got the card. In the same column I also wrote that the US President might fast track the early approval and it did. Maybe he read my column. Hehe!


Incumbent Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada who is running for reelection denied suffering from Alzheimer’s disease after his former Vice Mayor Isko Moreno who is contesting his reelection bid charged him a sick man.

Moreno allegedly spread fake news that the 91-year-old actor-politician is suffering from the disease after Manilenos noted the uncollected, traffic chaos, and commercialization of public markets and reclamation projects in Manila Bay.

I agree with Moreno as I believe that the group of Estrada dubbed the “Jurrasic” team due to their age should now stay in their wheelchairs!


White House press secretary Sara Sanders claimed after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey two years ago that countless members of the FBI are grateful and thankful for the president’s decision as he only acted on a recommendation from the Justice Department.

But Trump had previously decided to sack Comey and Reince Priebus, then chief of staff, because of their suspected direct participation in the redacted, 448 pages Mueller report that put the president in an embarrassing position that made him devastated.

“This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency,” he said, according to notes taken by an aide.

With the recent development in the release of the Mueller report exonerating Trump from any involvement, the White House is now comfortable and the tension caused by the report has eased.


President Duterte’s pet peeve, business magnate Loida Nicholas-Lewis leads fundraiser here for “Otso Deretso”, the opposition party headed by Vice President Leni Robredo.

Lewis was in town days after I arrived here. The businesswoman was allegedly wrongfully tagged by our president as a conspirator in a coup to kick him out of Malacanang. While she certainly wants Duterte to lose hold of politics in the country, she said she will do it by the power of the ballots.

But based on what I’ve heard here, Lewis campaigning for the opposition was ignored by many overseas workers here who continue to believe on the Duterte’s bold style of running the country. “Kahit ano sabihin nila, Duterte pa rin kami,” said a Cebuana resident I met at the Los Angeles Airport.

President Duterte, even if I will not campaign here for your handpicked candidates, the OFWs seem determined to elect them all in the May 13 elections!

 Wala munang jokes galit yata si Google sa akin!                                                     


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