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Program focusing on financial literacy in women launched

A study of an insurance company bared that most women in the country have little financial literacy and practices, prompting the company to come up with a program focusing on them.

In March, as part of its Women’s Month celebration, Insular Life launched its Inlife Sheroes Program “an initiative designed to impact the lives of Filipino women today and in the future.”

“It’s not only their (women) health but to also help them promote their own businesses because there are lot of women now who are entrepreneurs, they run their own business. Many of them get into business but in the process, they became too busy sometimes they neglect their health,” Insular Life senior assistant vice president Arnaldo Aquino said on Monday.

Insular Life is aiming to empower women in terms of decision-making when it comes to health and finance as well as connecting them to business entities where they can learn from.

According to a research by Internal Finance Corporaton (IFC), there is about P217 billion gap in insurance needs for Filipino women and they are projecting to address the gap by 2020 through its partnership with Insular Life.

The company has been doing a roadshow in all its branches and hubs since they launched the program.

They are also planning to conduct series of gender sensitivity trainings.

“It’s easy for us to craft a product only for women but without proper education, it will not prosper. We want to help educate them first so that when we try to offer them something, they can already understand,” Insular Life Assistant Manager Karen Plata said.


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