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Honoring my Mother: The evil that men do

Just teasing you. That was the title of the gangsta movie I had planned to watch over the Holy Week.

Instead, I ended up with, and being awestruck by Narcos Mexico and Narnia, before joining my family for their church visits. From time to time, I tried to sneak a peek at that 2015 film, but in the end, I eventually gave in to the Michael Peña starrer.

However, being knee-deep in Lent, the movie title had stuck with me somehow as I thought, who would dare to be a baddie on this Holy Week? Certainly not the fruit and vegetable vendors who were out there trying to earn their honest keep. Blame their sources for the higher prices of mangoes, oranges as well as all the ingredients to make binignit. Or the tricycle drivers who suddenly doubled their fare when one wished to go through the inner street shortcuts from church to church during Visita Iglesia. For all of them, it was just a simple case of economics, supply and demand be, and striking while the iron was hot.

An opportunity, they were sure, Jesus would not have given any mind. Walang personalan, trabaho lang.

(Nothing personal, it’s just work.)

The majority of the population had been seeped in solemnity and reflection during this Lenten season, and those on social media were no exception. From Wednesday till Saturday, well-meaning slash religious friends and acquaintances posted inspiring messages about Lent on Facebook and Messenger. A funny thing though, a few who, on ordinary days sent me occasional jokes, scandals and naughty videos, had likewise joined in.

A notable number opted instead to highlight photos of the exotic resorts, beaches and faraway retreats they have been to during the week. Thanks to them, their contributions had served as my welcome counter-balance to all those gory Mel Gibson pics of the crucifixion.

Yup, a fine blanket of feel-good covered this tiny bit of earth last week, and just like other major holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s, that profound dosage of positive vibes had felt good while it lasted.

Caught on TV news were glimpses of controversial politicos, with their families in tow, lined up elbow to elbow with the masses, serious in their atonement. Here in Davao, ever-present duck-faced selfie takers, along with bored teeners who played videos games on their phones, became permanent fixtures inside the churches, while their parents knelt out front in prayer. Like the movies I had watched, the week that was featured an all-star cast, and that merry mix of humanity, bunched up for a single solemn moment in time, made it all memorably epic.

To end, all these candid observations by a bored stiffy may seem a bit off-keyed for some, but what they are, are nothing but playful jabs and nothing more. In fact, you might have witnessed them too, but chose to let it go. Kudos to your resolve then because for me, I’m always like that dull pencil among the sharp ones.

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