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Rough Cuts | Two most welcome developments

Perhaps unknown to many Davaoenos, a very beautiful housing project is rising in Barangay Biao Escuela in Tugbok District. It is roughly 27 kilometers from downtown Davao City. The houses are intended for the still homeless members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Based on the perspective displayed at the front portion of the area being developed it is not only the design of the subdivision that is beautiful and ideal, but that of the houses to be constructed as well. The houses are in duplex but unlike other duplex units we have earlier seen, the ones at the PNP/AFP housing project are worthy for both the beneficiaries’ and visitors’ eyes to appreciate.

The development of the subdivision, as well as the construction of the duplex houses, appears to be in full blast. And we are certain that soon enough a new thriving and bustling community will be up and around in that barangay.

Of course the area is very accessible for the future residents of the subdivision. It is barely six kilometers from Km. 22 of the Davao-Bukidnon National Highway from Los Amigos. The road is concreted and six meters wide. It’s only about five minutes travel on board any vehicle including tricycles and single motorbikes from the highway junction.

As we have said the designs of both the subdivision and the houses are, to us, superb. We are hoping that the quality of the actual development and construction, and the materials used will do justice to the design.

Meanwhile, we expect that as soon as the subdivision is fully developed and the houses completed the beneficiary policemen’s and soldiers’ families immediately relocate and occupy their units. They should not allow the gutsy members of the Kadamay group to have time to get wind of its unoccupied existence. Any delay in the beneficiaries’ transfer poses danger that the houses could be forcibly taken over by the marauding self-declared homeless group.

We, therefore, strongly recommend that whichever agency in government charged of implementing the PNP/AFP housing projects makes it easier for the beneficiaries to move to their new unit. It must not be so bureaucratic-conscious on the requirements. After all, they are government employees who can easily be dealt with should they mess up with their contract.


Indeed the Duterte administration is making some significant in-roads in its efforts to improve the telecommunications services in the country.

Last Tuesday the President signed into law a bill that allows without hassle the transfer by a mobile phone subscriber to another service provider retaining his/her current phone number. This is, for as long as the subscriber pays whatever balance of his/her bills from the telecommunication firm he/she is connected.

Based on the reactions of subscribers interviewed on the issue, it is clear that the law has gained a wide range of support. Even the existing service providers have expressed their full support to the law. The two top mobile telecommunications companies however, are proposing that government authorities will hold consultative meetings with all stakeholders in order to come up with a doable implementing rules and regulations (IRR) so that when the law is implemented every potential gray area is already cleared and smoothed out.

We agree with the proposition of the country’s two top cellular communications service providers. Everything that is needed to provide the smooth launch of the law must already be in place. This way the so-called “birth pains” of policy execution could be minimized if not totally eliminated.

Indeed, when this law takes effect even the perpetration of cybercrimes may be prevented and those who succeed in committing such would find themselves easily identified and tracked down.

We can therefore say, without fear of contradiction, that the positive welcome by the public of the here-in-mentioned law is a well-placed reaction. And we are certain the smooth implementation of the law can be anticipated.


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