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IP rep pushes for hijab rights

Councilor Bai Halila Sudagar, the IP representative to the City Council, is pushing for a legislative provision for the Muslim community’s protection and welfare.

In her privilege speech yesterday at the regular session of the City Council, Sudagar moved to include the proposed ordinance “Hijab Rights in Davao City” for first reading.

In her speech, Sudagar cited the controversial hijab ban in countries including France, Tunisia, Turkey, and Syria.

According to Sudagar, the hijab ban “alarms and worries the Muslim women living in non-Islamic territories about being discriminated and prohibited from entering establishments or performing their daily activities.”

The ban stipulates that the hijab, the veil or outer garment believed to be a protection from sin by Muslim women, poses a threat to the security which requires facial recognition. Accordingly, it also hinders socialization and expression in communication.

Sudagar commended the effort of the city in retaining the respect for Muslim women but the Hijab Rights ordinance will further reinforce the prevention of discrimination and recognition of the rights of the Muslim women in the community.

The proposed ordinances sought to allow wearing of hijab in in schools, workplaces, and other premises without being discriminated or being unlawfully restrained.
Sudagar further argued that the security risks raised by the countries that banned the hijab may be addressed without impending or dispensing the belief of the Muslim community as provided in their constitution.

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