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Posts published in “OPINION”

Editorial: Age matters

It is understandable that when the Moro Islamic Liberation Front chose its representatives to the Bangsamoro Transition Authority those who had spent the best years…

Timesman: PAL no longer late

FLAG carrier Philippine Airlines is looking forward to upgrade passenger system service next month. Share this post:

Editor: The Duterte “magic touch”

When President Duterte, at the start of his speech in Malacanang, gave me special credit as one of the “pioneering spirits” in the country’s peace…

Timesman: Who to believe?

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle admitted that the Catholic Church left deep wounds when it ignored the sufferings of the victims of the clergy’s…

Plain and simple: People Power

People Power was not owned by anyone. The people own it. Hence, it is people power. The power belongs to the people. Not Cory. Not…

Random Thoughts: Essence of Federalism

‘Upon realizing that the essence of federalism is to insert a new level of local government between national and provincial, only 37 percent of Filipinos…

Rough Cuts: Delivering health services

There was a very animated yet informative sharing of opinion and recommendations on the proposal of the Department of Health (DOH) to the Department of…

Timesman: I’ll face the challenge

Now that no less than Pope Francis admitted in a landmark Vatican Conference on Thursday the issue on the sexual abuse of children by priests…

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