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Posts published in “OPINION”

Rough Cuts: Winning in the local elections

The official start of the campaign period for candidates in local government positions is still on March 29. Roughly, that is three weeks away. But…

Rough Cuts: Erosion in people’s confidence

Early last week we raised the issue on the late advice of the representatives of the City Health Office (CHO) for the administration of the…

Honoring my Mother: Coming Home and Moving On

About 20 years ago, who would have guessed that the sleepy and isolated university in Bago Oshiro would eventually become an unexpected source of comfort…

Rough Cuts | On PRRD’s ratings

What was that campaign which advised every netizen to "Think first before you click?" Or, should it be, "Think first before you open your mouth?"

Timesman | Applying for a US visa?

I dropped by the historic Manila Bay at Roxas Boulevard across the hotel where I was billeted early morning before my final day in the city to personally observe the ongoing rehabilitation and cleaning of the area.

Still a huge problem

Laudable as it is, it would still be better for the city to have a comprehensive and conducive transport system

Guest Editorial: Reduced, restricted, reversed

Women’s rights are human rights. But in these troubled times, as our world becomes more unpredictable and chaotic, the rights of women and girls are…

Nunot: Mga Tsino’ng ilegal sa Pinas

Human manihapon kaniadtong Huwebes sa gabi-i nagpatimpla ko ug kape sa akong Misis dayon lingkod atubangan sa akong computer. Ako kining giablihan aron susihon kon…

Honoring My Mother: The Plus Bus

The sight of long lines of commuters have, for a long time, been the mark of weekday mornings in the suburbs. For students, blue-collars and…

Plain and Simple: Hate over

Open your FB and you find a glut of fake news or news invented to suit a favored candidate. You also see hate crowding the…

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