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Posts published in “OPINION”

Honoring my Mother | Friends and other people Part 2

I have always heard the familiar whine “Monday sucks” from people, especially working-class heroes out there, who are still reeling from their weekend overloads. That…

Editorial | A hundred years of partnership

Edward Rutherfurd, an English author, has a slightly different view of history. Many say that history is told by the victors. Rutherford said this might…

Editorial | Rain or shine, bring umbrellas

Strong rains Tuesday afternoon that continued well into the night is what nightmares are made of for ordinary commuters. Along Bolton street, a queue of…

Timesman | ‘Anti-bastos’ law

ILLINOIS, USA – President Rodrigo Duterte, known for some sexiest jokes and controversial remarks against women then and might even now (like me), has signed…

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