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Posts published in “OPINION”

Random Thoughts | Opportunities for greatness

“Greatness should be understood in terms of Greek tragedy: We are not speaking of perfect beings, or the “best President in the solar system,” but…

Editorial | Peace 911

It’s been a year since the city launched the Peace 911 program in the hinterlands using a human-centered approach to development which means taking into…

Editorial | Coming together for education

It’s this time of the year when the community comes together to help spruce up public elementary schools ready for the opening of the school…

Honoring my Mother | Send-to-all

Have you ever experienced sitting next to someone inside a jeepney, who has got her mouth close to your ear while she is talking loudly…

Timesman | 50-50

CHICAGO, Illinois – Six of my senatorial candidates in the mid-term elections were among those in the winning column as of May 18 official canvassing.…

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