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Posts published in “OPINION”

Editorial | Surviving the faults

Maybe all schools in the country and a good number of establishments have never failed to join earthquake drills at the behest of authorities. But…

Rough Cuts | Building a Duterte legacy

Well, it looks like the more the critics of President Rodrigo Duterte hurl mud at him and his administration the better the result of his…

Timesman | Forgotten word

CHICAGO-Illinois – Government officials and environmentalists may get some ideas from this 5th grade female of Butterfield Elementary District 44 of Lombard, USA who has…

Honoring my Mother | Perfect blending

Friends are like coffee. That is probably why whenever I harp about them, I get the same equal pleasure, as when I am describing my…

Editorial | Improving children’s health

The Philippines failed to achieve the target of the UN Millennium Development Goal on the prevalence of underweight children under 5 years of age. Countries…

Egalitarian | Does it matter?

After some time, I reunited with a classmate who was a trailblazer back in college. We bumped into each other last week and talked lengthily…

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