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Posts published in “OPINION”

Honoring my mother | The church with no name

The Epiphany of Our Lord Parish, located beside a busy market place in Lingayen had been built in 1627. With its tower uniquely shaped like…

Rough Cuts | Who are these people trusting?

Finally cases of syndicated estafa have been filed against the top executive of the Kapa Community Ministry International, Inc. and his subalterns. The cases stem…

Editorial | Surviving the faults

Maybe all schools in the country and a good number of establishments have never failed to join earthquake drills at the behest of authorities. But…

Rough Cuts | Building a Duterte legacy

Well, it looks like the more the critics of President Rodrigo Duterte hurl mud at him and his administration the better the result of his…

Timesman | Forgotten word

CHICAGO-Illinois – Government officials and environmentalists may get some ideas from this 5th grade female of Butterfield Elementary District 44 of Lombard, USA who has…

Honoring my Mother | Perfect blending

Friends are like coffee. That is probably why whenever I harp about them, I get the same equal pleasure, as when I am describing my…

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