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Posts published by “Jess Dureza”

Publisher’s Notes | “SOFA”

Sofa — On the 4th Monday of July, the President will deliver the traditional state of the nation (SONA) address where he will, among other…

The real Pres. Rody

(Author’s note: I was about to write my own post-election analysis after the recent elections a few weeks ago when I stumbled into this write-up…

Publisher’s Notes | ‘Bato’ Who?

Itaga mo sa Bato! Batong Bakal! Bato who? Whatever! But the “Bato” I knew years ago is now Your Honor, the Senator of the Republic!…

Publisher’s Notes | It’s D-Day!

Today, it’s the day of reckoning for candidates. They cross their fingers and hope for the best. On the other hand, the voters are ecstatic.…

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