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      THE health pandemic has made the internet a huge part of our daily lives. With the quarantine imposed lockdowns, most of us work and study from home,…

EDITORIAL | Mobile vaccination program

      THE MOST vulnerable sector, the elderly, who have not been vaccinated since the program rolled out in the first quarter of the year will be the focus…


          THE HEALTH pandemic rages without let up more than a year after it hit the country, dousing earlier expectations of better months ahead. Even with…


      THE HEALTH pandemic, with the ensuing lockdowns that prevent most of us from doing our usual activities, has made people more vulnerable to scams on the internet. …


    WITH the health pandemic still raging across the world, the use of technology has become so entrenched in our lives, more so with children who have no recourse…

EDITORIAL | Information needed now

      THE CORONAVIRUS disease (COVID-19) is the first pandemic in history in which technology and social media are being used on a massive scale to keep people safe,…

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