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Posts published by “Dennis Jay Santos”

Toplight | Cautious, ready, and calm

About five years ago, I wrote an article for the national broadsheet Philippine Daily Inquirer about the findings of the state-run agency Philippine Institute of…

Toplight | Ghosts in our midst

If I have the skill set of a painter or even a small aptitude to sketch a shape or object, I think I can very…

Toplight | Tears and joys of being a teacher

In the biting coldness of the early morning, public school teachers in the remote villages in Marilog district, endure years of untold hardship and sacrifices…

Toplight | Journey to wellness 2

In Singapore I had a great time with my co –fellows, 16 journalists from across Asia, learning and cultivating friendship. I indulged in the world’s…

Toplight | Journey to wellness

I’m not supposed to be here, but whatever cosmic or divine force it might be, I’m still alive. I am grateful for the gift of life,…

Toplight | What is our action plan?

Hardly talked about in social media or reported by mainstream media is that September 21 is the International Day of Peace. “Today peace faces a…

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