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Freeze: Davao del Norte Beaches

When someone talks about beautiful beaches in Davao, chances are those places are found at the nearby Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte and not in Davao City. IGACOS is blessed with magnificent white sand beaches and diving spots that hide colorful sea creatures and coral reefs. Here are some of the popular beaches/beach resorts in Samal.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort was once home to a pearl farm, where precious pearls were nurtured and cultivated as the ocean’s most beautiful gems (image source:
Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is very proud of its humble beginnings. What started out as a weekend picnic destination back in the seventies, catering mostly to friends and their families has become what it is today as not only the preferred island getaway for families but is also the byword for those growing impulsive groups who are so busy and yet wise enough to squeeze – in leisure in their hectic schedules at the spur of the moment.
Having a shoreline of almost eight hundred meters (800 m), it is the only place in this part of Samal Island that has maintained its shores by feeding the fishes, clean them with having periodic “Scubasurero Activities,” and has placed a “safety pole” to ward off jelly fish and rubbish, discouraging anglers from poaching the area and encouraging its visitors to enjoy the marine life and leave the same so that others may also enjoy them. Its white sand beach as well as its surroundings are combed and cleaned throughout the day giving a pure and clean ambiance for its visitors and workers alike (image source:
Isla Reta Beach Resort is an ideal place to relax. Located in Brgy. Santa Cruz, Talicud Island, Island Garden City of Samal, Isla Reta prides itself with a long stretch of white-sand beach and crystal clear water (image source:
Babu Santa Beach Resort. One can get there with a direct boat ride from Davao Sta. Ana Wharf from 10 AM to 3PM or take the ferry boat ride to Samal Island, a ride on a jeep or motorcycle to Peñaplata, then to Kaputian then on another boat ride to Talicud, another motorcycle ride to Talicud proper, and finally to Babu Santa Beach Resort (image source:
Visitors far and wide visit Dayang Beach Resort in Dadatan, Talicud, for its rustic charm and serenity (image source:
Kaputian Beach and Hagimit Falls. Single motorcycles are the means of transportation in the island. In less than 15 minutes away from the city center you will reach Hagimit Falls (source:
Kaputian Beach and Hagimit Falls. Single motorcycles are the means of transportation in the island. In less than 15 minutes away from the city center you will reach Hagimit Falls (source:
Formerly Pacific Heights, Cavanico Il Ma Re Resort is one of the newest attractions in Samal Island, Davao del Norte. Cavanico Il Ma Re is located in Barangay Camudmud- just a few minutes away from Babak Port (image source:
Canibad Cove is located in Barangay Aundanao, Samal Island, Davao del Norte. Here you can expect of a white sand beach, clean and crystal blue water, spots for rock climbing and cliff diving, lush green trees, and a peaceful surrounding. However, there are no restaurants and electrical outlets here (source:
Costa Marina Beach Resort is in Caliclic, Babak District (image source:
Found along the southwestern part of the island, Bali Bali Beach Resort is the perfect hideaway for those seeking to break free from the drudgery of city life without going to some faraway destination. Bali-Bali entices weekend warriors with the rare chance to hang out by the infinity pool, hibernate inside their shacks or have fun in the sun (source:
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